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Zhejiang Guozhou Electric Co., Ltd is engaged in studying, developing, manufacturing and selling low-voltage electrical appliances. Main products are including AC/DC contactors such as LC1-D, LC1-K, 3TF, 3RT, GMC, LP1-D, LP1K etc, thermal overload relays such as LR2D, LRD, 3UA, 3RU, GTH etc , magnetic starters LE1D, Star-delta starters such as LC3D ,MCB,MCCB and contactor auxiliaries.

The first-class COTS of our company ensure the quality of the products to reach and even exceed an advanced level. Meanwhile, the company insist on proper investment to human resource and material resource,enhanced the producing capacity with less cost. Science management and persistant technology innovating help us adapting the market developing needs.

The company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, and formed a set of scientific control system. Products also passed CE certificate one by one. Advanced design, mature technology and perfect COTS guarantee products' reliability and stability. The company follows the developing aim of "High Quality Creates a Famous Brand" . Now the products are selling with good reputation,also well recommended among old customers.

Welcome to contact us asking more details. Any question or proposition will be highly appreciated.

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